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da2 » go go team sausage party
Recently got into this band. I think they're rather snazzy. Googlesearch says they're "cabaret punk with anarchist undertones," which sounds pretty cool to me. Anywho, really liking this CD and am even now working on finding some of their other ones.

This time, I actually have a sample for you! Hooray! It's my favorite :D Sample away: Addicted to Bad Ideas.


More to come eventually. Got some soundtracks and other spiffy things.
da2 » go go team sausage party
Heeeey German music. Actually, trying to free up some space on my hard drive so I'm deleting most of my CDs. Thus: prepare for a deluge.

Today I have two very lovely Wir Sind Helden (We Are Heroes) CDs. They're pretty awesome. No sample songs this time, but hay look youtube: Nur Ein Wort, Von Hier an Blind.


da2 » go go team sausage party
'nother OST. This time it's from Sword of the New World, because it has one of the best soundtracks I've heard. Ever. Genres range from techno and trance to classical. Upped some of my favorite tracks individually for sampling purposes, so feel free to try those first. ^^

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da2 » go go team sausage party
First ever anime post here at mediariffic, and it happens to be for one of my most recent favorites.

Summary: Aoki, lip-reading expert extraordinaire, has just joined Sector Nine, a group of detectives who use the latest technology to scan the brains of murderers and victims alike, allowing them to solve a slew of varied, and often ridiculously dramatic, cases. However, being a member of Sector Nine isn't all peas and carrots. With an enigmatic and apathetic chief, as well his conflicting emotions regarding the work he does (Should one be allowed to witness the innermost, darkest secrets of someone else? Aren't some secrets better left unrevealed?) Aoki finds himself in an increasingly damning line of work.
Genre: mystery, drama, sci-fi, psychological
Length: 14 episodes at 25min each [currently ongoing]
Fansub Group: Animanda
Episodes: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09

The animation in this is great, the characters are interesting, and the individual cases are all involving and well-paced. If you enjoy crime dramas (CSI, SVU, etc.) you stand a very good chance of enjoying Himitsu, as well. Will be uploading the episodes as they are released/I download them, so check back regularly. ^^

**NOTE: These are all .mkv files. You can play .mkv files with VLC Media Player, which is freeware and can be found by googling it.
da2 » go go team sausage party
Ahh, long time no music, right? Sorry about that. Hopefully though, this'll kind of make up for it? (Maybe?) Had two requests for the Ai no Kusabi OSTs so here I am, finally getting around to uploading them... Even if you haven't ever watched the anime, feel free to give the OSTs a try. The music is really beautiful--most of it instrumental with a few odd vocal pieces. All of it lovely though, promise.

Sympathy | Mirror
Oracion Disk One | Disc Two

Also, I have the actual anime on hand as well, if anyone's interested. ;)
20 Jan - List Update
da2 » go go team sausage party
Hokay, so I finally got around to updating mah list with just about everything except manga (and there's really just too much of that to list). Included now are general CDs (everything non-Jrock) as well as original soundtracks. Eventually I intend to go back through and link to everything that's already been uploaded, including CDs upped by Rob, but that'll have to wait until I'm feeling much less lazy.

For your convenience: link to giantass media list!

EDIT: So I tackled listing the manga. The manga list portion is incomplete, as I have literally hundreds of manga and one-shots saved, but if there's something you're looking for that isn't listed, please don't hesitate to ask! Chances are, I probably have it. Especially if it's yaoi.
17 Dec - [Requests]
da2 » go go team sausage party
All requests for uploads should be made via comment to this post. Requests are also restricted to MEMBERS ONLY. Before requesting, please check the tags to make sure what you're looking for hasn't already been uploaded. If you're requesting a reupload of a dead link, please make sure you let us know that link is dead before you request. ^^

Requests Currently: OPEN

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17 Dec - Y HALO THAR!
da2 » go go team sausage party
Greetings! This community is semi-friends only, which might explain why you're seeing limited entries or being fooled by the tags. ^^ After a week of being public, all our posts are friends-locked. In addition, requests are only open to members of the comm. So, in order to get the full experience, we reccomend joining the community. We promise it doesn't hurt.

Also! We find it imperative to inform you that, in accordance with the RIAA, all mp3s should be deleted after a period of 24 hours. Whether or not you chose to do so is up to you, but we wanted to cover our asses in any case. ^^
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