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Hello and welcome to mediariffic! If it wasn't already obvious, mediariffic is a small media upload community run by hocus and alienbob21. We like good music, good movies and anime, and good manga. Among other good things. We also enjoy suffixing words with -riffic.

Any of that sound good to you? Great! Posting is not open, but we still encourage you to join the comm for updates.

Neither of the moderators really care for rules that much, but we both understand that no-rules lead to annoying situations that usually end in banination, so we're going to provide just a few. For appearances sake.

1. Entries older than a week will be friends-locked. End of discussion. Reuploads will only occur for dead links; you want past uploads: join the comm.
2. Commenting is not mandatory, but very much appreciated!
3. Redistribution of these links is fine. Keep them alive for us!
4. Requests can be made. However, requests are only open to members of the community. After you join, you may direct your requests here.
5. Be kind rewind. Mean people will be eaten.

What might you find here? Why, that is an excellent question! Mostly music, though hocus will also be uploading anime and manga when the mood strikes her. alienbob21 is also pretty unpredictable in his own right, so expect just about anything from him. ^^ However, since we realize that is very vague, we have genres:

alienbob21 [Rob] : Hardcore/Screamo, Metalcore, Metal, Punk, various Underground artists (fav. artists: The Chariot, UnderOath, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, In Flames, Nightwish, Behind Crimson Eyes, The Used, Against All Authority and many many more )
hocus [Becky] : foreign music (German, Japanese, etc), techno, songs that defy genres (fav. artists: Strung Out, Rammstein, Miyavi)

If you're still not certain we have what you're looking for, we suggest checking the tags. A masterlist of uploads may or may not be forthcoming.

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